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Understanding the Different Types of HVAC Systems

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Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems regulate the temperature, air quality, and humidity within your home. These varied systems all work toward the same goal of making your home more comfortable. At Heritage Heating & Cooling, we offer quality furnace repair and other HVAC services. Here is more information on the various types of HVAC systems and how we can help service them:

Ducted HVAC Systems

Ducted HVAC systems include a heating or cooling unit that distributes air through ducts. Here are some types of ducted HVAC systems:

  • Split systems: Split systems have separate components for heating and cooling. The indoor unit, which is the heating system, comes with a blower and evaporator coil. The outside unit, which is the cooling system, has a compressor and condenser coil. One thermostat controls the temperature for the entire unit, contributing to energy efficiency. 
  • Packaged systems: Packaged HVAC systems combine heating and cooling units into one unit. This type of ducted HVAC system is space-efficient since we can house it in a single cabinet. Our technicians can also perform a furnace repair easily because all the key components are in one place.
  • Hybrid split systems: Hybrid split systems use a furnace and electric heat pump to cool or warm your residence. This type of HVAC system can reduce energy consumption due to the electric hybrid heating unit. During the colder days, you can use gas for heating and a heat pump for less cold days to conserve power.

Ductless HVAC Systems

Ductless HVAC systems are designed to cool or heat an indoor space without the need for ducts. Here are the different types of ductless HVAC systems:

  • Ductless mini-split systems: With duct-free mini-split systems, our technicians mount indoor components directly to the wall or ceiling. Mini-split systems have a heat pump, indoor handling unit, thermostat, outdoor compressor, condenser, and power cables. These units have flexible zoning capabilities to allow you to heat and cool the rooms you choose. You may save money on energy use by only heating and cooling occupied rooms in your home.
  • Hydronic heating: Hydronic heating utilizes liquid to radiate heat. This HVAC system uses a boiler to heat water and then distributes heat throughout your home using pipes under the floors. This system is a good option for homes with a high ceiling and a large open space to distribute heat evenly without creating drafts.
  • Portable spot coolers/heaters: Also known as portable air conditioning units or heaters, these systems can heat or cool individual rooms. Because they are so small, they can also be moved from one room to another with ease. These standalone systems draw in air, push it over a coil, and pump the air back to your space.

Reliable Air Conditioning, Ventilation, and Furnace Repair

Each HVAC system has different features, but you can count on us at Heritage Heating & Cooling for reliable installations and repairs. If you are having trouble with your HVAC system, our EPA-certified technicians can diagnose the problem and fix it to restore comfort within your home. No matter what HVAC issue you’re having, our team is well-equipped to help you.

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