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Repairing or Replacing Your AC Unit When It Stops Working in Belleville, IL

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The last thing homeowners in Belleville, IL want to have to happen during the summer is for their AC unit to stop working. There are many reasons why your unit will stop working ranging from small issues to large issues that professionals will need to take a look at. At the start of the dilemma, you may start to wonder if you need to get your AC unit repaired or if it is time to have it replaced. Here we will be differentiating when you need to repair and when you need to replace your AC unit.

When You Should Repair

The option that most homeowners in Belleville, IL are likely to choose when their AC unit stops working correctly is to have it repaired. It cost a lot less than having your entire system replaced and, if the issues you were having were small, your unit should go back to working properly again after it’s been repaired. If your unit is less than 10 years old and does not have issues all that often, it is more optimal to have your unit repaired rather than replaced. You should have repaired as your first option, just keep track of how many times you need to repair your system.

When It’s Time to Replace Your AC Unit

Having your entire AC unit replaced should be your last line of defense when you have issues with it. Having to go through the process of finding the right system for your home, having your hold system removed, and then installing the new system can be a long and expensive process. You typically want to start looking at the option to replace your system if it is having problems on a regular basis. Trying to continue to repair a system that will inevitably break down again is less cost-efficient that getting a new unit. If your AC unit is over the age of 10, then it should be your priority to have it replaced. As your system ages, it is going to succumb to even more wear and tear among other problems that will contribute to it constantly needing to be repaired.

If you are having problems with the AC unit in your Belleville, IL home, give our team of HVAC professionals over at Heritage Heating and Cooling a call today! Our skilled technicians will help you determine if you should have your system repaired or replaced.

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