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Should You Get A Heat Pump Or Furnace For Your Edwardsville, IL Home?

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Getting ready to replace your furnace? The question now is do you get another furnace, or should you go with a heat pump? These two types of heating systems both operate vastly different from one another. A heat pump does not generate heat like a furnace, instead, it will gather heat energy from outside and bring it into your home. Furnaces work by using an internal combustion process, making them a heat source. We will be explaining more about both heat pumps and furnaces here to help you decide which would fit your Edwardsville, IL home.

How To Operate A Heat Pump

Heat pumps both works as air conditioners during the summer and heaters during the fall and winter. Most pumps operate by using the air outside, however, there are also special units that will redistribute the heat from the earth itself. The components of heat pumps using the air include an outdoor and indoor unit, a refrigerant line that is used to connect the two units together, and a reverse valve that changes the system’s mode between heating and cooling.

How Furnaces Operate

Furnaces generate their own heat by using fuel. A furnace will either use natural gas or oil to create the hot air it will spread around your home. The typical gas furnace operates using a burner, heat exchangers, a blower fan, and it also has a flue to vent out the hot gas. Whenever you increase the temperature on the thermostat, the gas furnace will receive the signal and send it to the burners within the combustion chamber. The pilot light then ignites the burners, which heat up the heat exchanger. That blower fan will then blow the air around the heat exchanger which will help send the hot air around your home.

Which One is Better?

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 Both of these options have their ways of keeping your Edwardsville, IL home warm. Gas furnaces typically produce hotter and drier air than a heat pump does. Heat pumps make up by working as both a heater and a cooler during the summertime. Considering gas furnaces use carbon monoxide to keep your home warm, you need to keep it maintained well to ensure there is not a leak of it in your home. Heat pumps never have this issue. Heat pumps will use less energy when compared to gas furnaces but will typically cost more to have installed than a furnace. Furnaces have a longer life expectancy than heat pumps since heat pumps work year-round. It is up to you to decide which one fits your home and lifestyle.

If you are looking for an HVAC company that can install a furnace or heat pump in your Edwardsville, IL home, give our team of experts over at Heritage Heating & Cooling a call today!

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