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Why You Need An Annual Furnace Tune-Up In Your Troy, IL Home

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Most Troy, IL homeowners know that an annual furnace tune-up is recommended, but very few people actually schedule one. If you are one of those people who has been ignoring this advice, you need to know that a furnace tune-up is necessary.

A home high efficiency furnace with a residential gas water heater & humidifier.

Many homeowners similar to you may think the same, but when their furnace unexpectedly breakdown, they realize the maintenance could have helped prevent the issue that caused the breakdown. There are many reasons why you should make an annual furnace maintenance appointment a part of your fall routine, including:

Reduces Your Energy bill

A furnace on average makes around 50% of your home’s energy bill. This adds up, especially if you have to deal with a harsh midwestern winter. This is why scheduling annual furnace maintenance is important.

A kept furnace will be more efficient and use less energy than others. Show studies show that regular maintenance can save you up to 30% on your energy bill.  If you also switch to a programmable thermostat, you are on your way to making this upcoming winter season an affordable one.

Simple things such as changing your air filters can help increase your savings, as a clean furnace filter keeps your home at your desired temperature without overexerting its energy.

Prevent Unexpected Breakdowns with a Furnace Tune-up

The best way to ruin your holiday season is when you have an unexpected furnace breakdown. Regular maintenance helps prevent these unseen issues from becoming larger problems. Schedule a furnace maintenance to ensure that your system is working at its peak condition. If you avoid scheduling a tune-up you could experience issues such as:

  • Carbon Monoxide Leaks
  • Furnace Blowing Cold Air
  • Furnace Frequently Shuts-off
  • Furnace Water Leaks
  • Higher Energy Bills Than Normal

Extend the life of Your Furnace

It is no secret that having regular furnace maintenance helps keep your system in working order. The better maintained it is, the longer it will last. A professional does not just clean your furnace, but they also check all of the elements in order to catch any issues that may happen before it is too late. This includes checking safety controls and making sure you know exactly what the health of your furnace is. Extending the life of your heating system means more money in your pocket, as you get the most out of your furnace.

Is a Furnace Tune-Up Necessary?

Your Troy, IL home’s heating system works hard during the cold and icy winter months. This means that regular furnace tune-ups are very important. This helps prevent fewer repairs, reduces your energy bill, and saves you money.

If you are interested in scheduling regular maintenance on your home’s furnace system, give our team at Heritage Heating & Cooling a call today!

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