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What To Do If Your AC Unit Is Blowing Hot Air In Collinsville, IL

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While summer might be close to wrapping up soon, the temperature outside is still hot in Collinsville, IL. Homeowners will still be relying on their AC units to keep cool in the heat. Some, however, may run into an issue where their AC unit is blowing out warm air instead of cool air. This can signify there is an underlying issue with your system, and it needs to be fixed quickly. Here are some tips for determining why your AC unit is blowing out warm air.

Look At Your Thermostat

Before you start to panic, the first thing you should check is your thermostat. Make sure that you have it set to blow out cold air. Also, be sure to check on what setting your system’s fan is blowing at, either auto or on. To fix problems with your unit blowing out warm air, try setting your thermostat to auto and have it blow out cold air.

Issues with The Power Unit

Problems with your furnace can be caused by the place it draws its power from, which is almost always going to be from your circuit breaker. If you have had a power surge recently, it’s possible it may have tripped your circuit breaker for your AC unit. Be sure to turn your circuit breaker off and on to fix the issue. Do not do this multiple times as it could be a fire hazard.

Check Your Air Filter

The air filter on your AC unit becomes dirty over time. It collects all the dust and dirt, so it does not get into your system. If you do not replace your filter regularly, it can lead to the build-up becoming too much for the filter to handle and can lead to that stuff getting into your system and causing damage. Make sure you check your filter regularly and replace it when needed to avoid these issues.

Crowding Around Your System

If your AC unit is located outside, be sure that you trim any foliage that is growing around it. Also, be sure that if your system is located inside that you do not have a bunch of storage crowding around it. Having too much crowding around your AC unit can cause it to not blow the air right in your Collinsville, IL home.

If you have tried these things but your system is still blowing warm air around your Collinsville, IL home, give our team of professionals over at Heritage Heating and Cooling a call today!

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